Victor Wang

Founder and CEO, GeriJoy

Mr. Wang is Founder and CEO of GeriJoy Technologies Inc. Considering the disparity in happiness and mental health between his two grandmothers, one who lives by herself and one who lives with family, Victor realized that social isolation is an enormous problem. At GeriJoy, Victor is committed to improving the quality of care for seniors by supporting their emotional and intellectual health. GeriJoy offers an advanced virtual companionship platform for residents of nursing and assisted living homes. GeriJoy’s patent-pending technology provides similar emotional benefits of owning a live pet, while also serving as a truly intelligent conversational partner, available 24/7, and capable of intuitively delivering a variety of intellectually stimulating content. 

Born in Taiwan, Victor grew up in Canada, programming text-based role-playing games for MS-DOS at the age of six and marveling at the graphical user interface of Windows 3.1. After developing software and websites throughout elementary and high school, Victor decided to broaden his experience, getting a BASc in Mechatronics Engineering with Distinction (Minor in Commerce) from UBC, and working stints in telemarketing, environmental research, aerospace manufacturing, particle physics, oil sands, and medical robotics, while completing his training as an officer in the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve. Victor received his MS from MIT, where he performed human-machine interface research for NASA while serving as one of the premier leaders in student government.