Michael Greeley, MBA

General Partner, Flybridge Capital Partners

Michael is the Founder and General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners and is excited about investment opportunities involving the convergence of healthcare and information technologies. One of his current investment themes is around the application of "Big Data" platforms across a number of industry verticals. Previously, Michael was with Polaris Venture Partners, where he focused on both early-stage and later-stage financings for emerging growth companies. Before Polaris, Michael served as Senior Vice President and Founding Partner of GCC Investments, was a Vice President and one of the early professionals at Wasserstein Perella & Co., was a member of the Mergers and Acquisitions Department of Morgan Stanley & Co. and worked in the Leveraged Buyout Group of Credit Suisse First Boston. Michael currently serves as Chair of the Entrepreneurship Committee of the Massachusetts Information Collaborative, as co-Founder of the 12x12 program, on the board of the New England Investors’ Committee of Capital Innovation, and on the Investment Committee of the Partners Healthcare Innovation Fund. He previously served on the board and Executive Committee of the National Venture Capital Association and as Chairman and President of the New England Venture Capital Association. Michael received a BA with honors in Chemistry from Williams College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.