Symposium 2014 - Connected Health in Practice: Engaging Patients and Providers Outside of Traditional Care Settings

Collaborating with industry visionaries, clinical experts, patient advocates and researchers around the world, Partners’ Center for Connected Health is moving healthcare beyond the hospital and clinic into the day-to-day lives of patients. From mobile devices and social media to sensors and home robots, we are putting technology to work, establishing new ways to improve care.

Join us for our 11th annual Symposium - Connected Health in Practice: Engaging Patients and Providers Outside of Traditional Care Settings

  • Learn what leading healthcare systems are doing today to keep patients healthy at home
  • Review the latest trends, new research and innovations about to revolutionize care delivery
  • See first-hand groundbreaking devices and systems addressing the challenges of managing health, wellness and disease management
  • Stay ahead of the game by discovering novel programs to reduce healthcare spending
  • Make health and wellness part of your life

Network with 1,200 health technology leaders world-wide: hospital execs community-based MDs, health plan leaders, Fortune 500 employers, government policymakers, researchers and developers, leading investors, patients and advocates. Explore the intersection of health and technology with exceptional keynotes, debates, probing interviews, demos of new and gamechanging technologies, exhibits and networking events. Symposium 2014 will showcase the latest global developments and innovatioins in healthcare and policy. Together, let's learn, network and advance healthcare.

2014 Speakers

Joanne Rohde

Joanne Rohde, CEO of Axial Exchange, brings 30 years of relevant experience growing companies using...

Ariel Garten

Deborah Rozman, PhD

Clive Thompson

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